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quote-ltMuch appreciation to Kevin, and also to Linda and Kim for pointing us in Kevin’s direction and, with wonderful cooperation from the owner, helping us clear this hurdle. The prompt and thorough inspections quote-rtwere just what I was looking for as we move toward closing.

quote-ltWhen it comes to home inspections, Kevin is the BEST!!! You won’t find an inspector more thorough than him. He takes his time with the inspection, then puts together a very informative report which breaks everything down into categories. This lets you know the “concern levels” of anything he found (mild, moderate, major, safety, maintenance, cosmetic, FYI). Then he takes the time to go over every detail with you personally. Our particular situation required a unique set of guidelines through FHA. We had to make a few repairs to the home before we could close. In return, this would also call for a re inspection. Kevin had to go back to the house not once, but twice, to reinspect. We were on a deadline, and no matter how “last minute” I called Kevin, he always found a way to make it happen. You just don’t find customer service like that these days. He was determined to help us get things done quickly so that we could start enjoying our new home. So if you need your home inspected, I highly recommend Kevin… He’s not only extremely knowledgeable in his field, but he also has compassion… And to me, that’s a major plus whenquote-rt you are going through the stress of trying to buy a house!

quote-ltI was referred to Kevin by a business associate and his inspection was above and beyond anything i have ever received before, he went over the house top to bottom and supplied an extremely detailed report including pictures and reason for even the tiniest deficiency . He was professional , and more than willing to explain to both myself and the vendor his report. i would not buy a home in this area quote-rtwithout his services again.

quote-ltKevin inspected a home we are planing to buy. I would highly recomend him to everyone in need of this service. We found him to be professional and efficient. The report was given to us the same day quote-rtand was very thorough. Very pleased.

quote-ltMy buyer thought you did an awesome job. I have stopped giving my buyers a list of inspectors and I now just tell them that you are the best! I have had too many people complain about other inspectors. I want an inspector who protects the buyer no matter what. Some agents just want the transaction to go through and I hate that some people operate that way. I totally trust you to do a great job and it makes my buyers very happy. I have had buyers in the past very upset about missied items and I quote-rtNEVER have that when you do the inspections! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

quote-ltI work for an Engineering Firm and do contract admin on large commercial projects. Yours was the first home inspection I had someone else do and I was very impressed by the quality of the report. quote-rt
Certainly well done. Thanks again.

quote-ltThank you for your thorough inspection. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is interested in buying a home quote-rtand needs an inspection.

quote-ltAlthough this is my 1st home purchase, my parents have bought 5 homes thus far. They had never seen as through and professional of an inspection as the one that you provided. It is quote-rtvery impressive, with many thanks.

quote-ltThank you for doing such a through inspection and detailed report. We feel better knowing that our new has only a few minor problems that we can deal with. I will be sure to recommend quote-rtyour services if we know of anyone needing a home inspected.

quote-ltThanks again for all your hard work. I known I can sleep a lot easier knowing everything was done properly. If Anytime in the future I buy quote-rtanother house, you will be the one I call.

quote-ltJust wanted to thank you for doing such a great job for all of my clients. Everyone loves your fantastic reports.quote-rt

quote-ltThanks Kevin you were very thorough – great value for the money.quote-rt

quote-ltThank you – The most thorough inspection I’ve ever seen.quote-rt

quote-ltYou put out such a professional product. Thank you for putting the 4-point inspection with the package. Always a pleasure to read your reports – clean information and fantastic photos.quote-rt

quote-ltWe actually used a recommended (by our realtor) company for the inspection. After we received the report, I told my realtor to scratch that company off of her contacts list. I pulled an inspection report completed by your company three years earlier out of my file and compared. There is no comparison. My realtor placed “Residential Inspection Consultants” on her list with my strong recommendation. I went back to the property yesterday and completed inspecting those things myself that this other company either ignored or gave a generalized meaningless statement about. Thanks for your follow-up.quote-rt

quote-ltIt was a pleasure doing business with you, even though I never actually got to meet you. My friend Art was impressed, and that says a lot.quote-rt

quote-ltMany thanks for the excellent job you have done on our inspection. As a result of your expertise, we have been able to reach a fair agreement with the seller on repairs and remedies. It is the accuracy and detail of your report that made our negotiations with the seller flow. Please include me on your list of satisfied customers.quote-rt